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The Law Offices of Oeser-Sweat, P.C. is particularly proud of its startup-small business practice!  Oeser-Sweat, P.C. was started at Sunshine Suites, one of the largest small business incubator spaces in New York City.  Sunshine Suites was one of Oeser-Sweat, P.C.’s first clients in 2003.


Sunshine Suites brags that its where “start-ups, grow up” and we are happy to have helped start-up companies do just that.  For over eight years, our firm has lived and grown in a small business incubator, servicing over a hundred clients and the incubator itself!  Our firm was born in Manhattan and our clients love our East Village proximity to both Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan’s Courts.

We wear our “incubator baby” status with pride!   Because of this unique synergy between the firm and our small business clients, the firm serves as general counsel to many companies, providing them with daily support services throughout various stages of their growth.

Our firm provides support services to small and medium sized businesses from many different areas.  We have proudly watched our clients go from corporation/corporate entity formation (Corp., S-Corp., LLC, LLP, LP, etc) to become bigger companies, with evolving needs.  Some of our client companies are sold, others buy companies and some just add employees, and rent new bigger office spaces.  From lease negotiation, to corporation/small business sales and purchases, to brand building, to internet marketing, to contract drafting and review, we have been able to help our client companies grow, without having to spend significant amounts of money for quality legal services.

No two companies are alike.  We can help your company with a variety of needs.  But, as we tell our clients, we don’t do everything.  One of the key features of the legal support we provide clients is a network of specialists that a client can be referred to in order to solve a problem.  We are proud to reveal that we often will send a client who needs a particular skill set to another attorney.  Our focus is on solving the problems of our client’s and implementing problem solving solutions to their needs, rather than trying to be SuperLawyers or trying to earn a fee to the detriment of our clients.


The services we provide our clients include those in the following areas:

Civil Litigation, Entity Formation (Corporations, LLCs/LLPs, Partnerships, Non-Profits), Structuring and Governance (Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, Resolutions), Intellectual Property Protection (Trademark Searches and Registrations, Infringement Monitoring and Litigation, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Trade Secret Preservation and Litigation), Labor Law (Hiring, Termination Agreements, Severance Agreements, Employment and Non-Competition Agreements,  Independent Contractor Agreements, Work For Hire Agreements, Employer Policies, Risk Mitigation), Filings, Licenses (Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Real Estate), Collections/Receivables, Regulatory Compliance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Financing (Bank, Angel, Venture Capital), Small Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions, UDRP and Domain Name Disputes, Contract Negotiation/Contract Review, Internet Website Advising and Auditing, Due Diligence, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Opinion Letters, Intellectual Property Audits and Searches, Prenuptial Agreements.


We also provide services in the following relevant areas:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Small Business Practice
  • Intellectual Property
    > Patents
    > Copyrights
    > Trademarks
    > Licensing
    > Litigation
  • Matrimonial/Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
  • Landlord Tenant Law
  • Wills Trust & Estates
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Internet Law
    > Domain Name Disputes
    >  Litigation
    > Intellectual Property
    > Internet Music Download Case Defense
  • Immigration Law


New York Start Up Lawyer

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us to discuss what your needs and goals are.  If necessary and possible, we will either provide you with the services you need or refer you to an attorney that can!


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