High School & College Resources

We have created this page as a resource for students in High School and College who have worked with our firm on various community projects.  These resources have been created by third party educational and private entities and the items on each site do not belong to and have not been prepared by our firm.  We hope that you find these items to be helpful.


High School Resources:


Brochures available online (FREE):

Get Ready For College Pamplet – Source: www.tericollegeplanning.org

The Teri College Brochure has all sorts of great checklists and resources for high school students of all ages!

 Getting Ready for the SAT by College Options Foundation – http://www.cofcontests.com/eBooks/TheEssentialGuideToTheSAT.pdf

Michigan State University College Planning Guide – http://admissions.msu.edu/documents/collegeplanningguide.pdf

9th Grade Guide to College Preparation by New Visions for Public Schools http://michaelmassiah.x7hosting.com/collegebound/NV9thguide-ENGLISH-web.pdf

2009 College Guide http://www.newvisions.org/sites/default/files/publications/College_Guide_2009_web.pdf

Plan.Act.Learn.Go. is a time line of the college preparation activities that spans the four years of high school.- http://www.newvisions.org/sites/default/files/publications/NVCollegeguide-web.pdf

College Campus Visit Checklist - http://www.getreadyforcollege.org/pdfGR/CampusVisitChecklist.pdf

College Preparation & Admissions Tests – http://www.getreadyforcollege.org/pdfGR/CollegePrepEntrExams.pdf


College Prep 101 – http://www.collegeprep101.com/index.html

Publications from “Getting Ready for College” – http://www.getreadyforcollege.org/sPagesGR/pubsGR.cfm

New Visions For Public Schools – http://www.newvisions.org


The following books are often available at your local library.  If they are not, ask your librarian to inquire about them!

What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades. Optimum Learning. Minimum Time.

Programs for High School Students:

Reach For the Stars – Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network (SCAN)

Email: info@scanny.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/scan.rfts

SCAN’s award-winning upward-bound program, Reach for the Stars, provides career/college-readiness services including counseling, peer support groups, tutoring, academic support, and assistance with prep school and college applications and financial aid forms to approximately 150 students per year. SCAN staff also accompany program participants on college campus tours. SCAN also offers a Reach for the Stars Prep program for middle school students, providing high school-readiness skills and acting as stepping-stone to Reach for the Stars.


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